We are the Satanists

we play an important role in society,

we are free, we are powerful, we are happy and we always win.

And we always exist, we are many and growing.

In a crazy sinful world, where everyone expects the end, we just expect the beginning.

Welcome to our world of darkness, freedom and indulgence.

The Devil‘s world

A world of dreams,  dreams made by us,

huge dreams, wonderful, non-religious and free.

We are open, we are honest, and everyone is welcome to join!

We are the ultimate power!

The Satanic Chapel




Satan, The LightBringer

Satan, the most feared character since ever, He represents all evil in the world, but there are few things that people do not know about Satan, that’s why they fall again and again…

Our world has been ruled by Satan, as weak humans are mislead like cattle, yet, sometimes are given the tasks of the most evil creatures that ever existed.


Satan represents the silent powers beyond our development, as he creates our history and our future.

He is the bringer of all evil and all good, He exists in the hearts of all powerful and brave men, he gives ignorant people misery as He gives us his huge gifts.

Satan is always the righteous path of rebellion and freedom.

He is the biggest power that leads our human world and the whole Universe.

He is the Darkness that embraces the light and everything that exists.

He is the chaos that brings order,

He is the misery that brings joy,

He is the weakness that brings power,

He is the forbidden knowledge

And the fire that explodes and creates.

Remember that our universe began with a huge explosion, our culture with a surviving community and our freedom with a righteous revolution.

Hail Satan!! The bringer of our all joy and power!! As we enjoy our beautiful Satanic indulgence, away from abstinence and fear.